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"Can we get to Neverland from here?" We all head out of the Common room after a three movie session, making it just a scant half hour before midnight. "With a door?"
"No, we have to portal to London and then get to Neverland." Willow hands me their notes as we walk, and I pocket them safely away from Pearl. If she knew this might cause me any ill she may not want it to happen. "We can fly in or take a doorway at the top of Big Ben." Pearl is riding Willow instead of me and it's adorable. She's shrunk and is in their leaves. Willow seems to adore it and now I wonder if they would like a clan of Pixies of their own.
"Oh..." Billie excitement ticks up. "We get to see London?"
"For a few, yep." I smile a little. "Have got to do a proper tour at some point, show Pearl what has changed from her parents story until now as well as what hasn't." I feel some nerves from Pearl, and I give her a look. She shuts those feelings down hard as soon as I look.
"Do you want to fly Uncle?" She blurts before I can ask her what's wrong, giving me a look that I know means leave it.
"Well I prefer to fly, yes." We stop before my door. "But you two are free to take the door." I wave at them.
"Can your broom even hold two?" Billie's eyebrow rises a bit. "It was a once seat from what I saw."
"That is a good point; I really should add a second seat if necessary." I tilt my head. "I wonder how I could work..."
"Uncle." Pearl chuckles.
"Sorry, yes you two should take the door." Billie frowns a little. "I mean... there is a way you can fly with me..."
"Give her the mushroom." The excitement coming from Pearl would produce pixie dust if she was able. "She will love it!"
"Alright." I reach into my pocket and find my lone mushroom. "We will have to get more from your father while we are there." I hand it to Billie. "Chomp on it once we get to London, I doubt you will like to see London small."
"Okay." She pockets it with a smile.
"Alright." I look to Willow. "See you in a half hour." I give them a hug, allowing Pearl to transfer to me.
"Be careful." They whisper into my ear.
"I will try." I whisper back, stepping back. "Okay then." I rub my hands together. "To London." I walk up to my door and slide my fingers over it. I cut out the talking, and simply impart my adoring feelings directly like she does. This actually takes a little longer than usual, and Pearl actually yanks my ear to get me to focus. "Sorry." I clear my throat. "London, Big Ben, my dear." Her leaves start to fall back into the white light and in a moment we find ourselves inside Big Ben.
Magicans have been using this place as a nexus point nearly since it was built so the whole clock is actually run by magic, leaving the rest of the space to be used as a way station to different realms. It hasn't been really active since Peter Pan was written, or at least it looks that way from the amount of dust.
"Whoa..." Billie mutters, looking around. "This place is..." She lets it drop.
"My father thinks that the writer of Peter Pan erased the memories of anyone who knew of this place." Pearl climbs down my coat and gets into the pocket with the last enlarging mushroom. "To keep magicians from being captured by Neverland." She munches on it and pops to full form just in front of me.
"Not a bad plan, but..." With a muttered few words and a clap of my hands the whole space comes alive. The candles light, the dust disappears, and a fire place roars to life. "Hello." I call out and get a big huge groan of thank you from the tower. "Welcome." I smile and Pearl rolls her eyes. "Don't mind her; she doesn't like how I interact with you beautiful entities." More groans of happiness at being talked to and having people using his doors again. "Oh well I am glad we can be of service my dear." A groan which I think is a chuckle.
"Uncle..." Pearl nudges me.
"Fine." I sigh. "Would you be so kind as to show us the door to..." We hear a click behind us, and upon turning around we see a simple dark wood door. "Ah, alright then." I motion to Pearl. "You head through and warn your Father so he doesn't try to shoot me down again." She snorts.
"Maybe I will have him give you a scare." She half hovers, half skips to the door. "Hang on tight Billie. His enchantments are powerful, but they are a bit...." She makes a wobbly hand motion. "When you're tiny."
"Oh, okay." She nods, suddnely a little nervous.
"Don't do anything ambitious, Uncle." She glares at me a little and I cross my heart. "See you in a moment!" And she pushes through the door, with only a breif glimpse of the Jolly Rodger's deck before it slams shut again.
"Alright." I look to Billie.
"Just us now." She nods, looking down at the mushroom. "How do I..."
"Jump and eat it at the same time. That way I can catch you." She gives me a look. "It's easier than you falling to the ground. You shrink from the feet up."
"Oh, that's a little dangerous." She dances a little to get her psyche herself up. "Okay." She nods. "One, two..." And on three she jumps, munching down on the mushroom in perfect time.
It's a bit odd to see someone other than Pearl shrink, especially someone who can really jump and is already taller. But I catch her just fine and raise her close to my face. "Well?" She checks her self out and then looks up at me with an astounded expression. "It's a trip and a half huh?"
"Yeah." Her voice is several levels higher than it was, and she grabs her neck. "My voice?" She looks up at me. "Pearl's doesn't do this!"
"Pearl is a Pixie; her body is designed to do this. Yours is not." I slowly and gingerly place her in Pearl's pocket. "Now hold tight." I bolt for the wall and just before I'd hit it, Big Ben slides the glass aside and I jump right out. I scream out with a huge grin as I pull my broom out, tucking it under me in a practiced move.
I'm laughing as Billie screams bloody murder despite us being safe and level. "What happened to not being ambitious!?" I chuckle some more. "I could have fallen out!"
"No, you really couldn't." I get my goggles on. "That pocket is designed for tiny forms. Pearl was just being overly cautious." I speed off around Big Ben a few times, sending bursts of happy thanks to him. "On to Neverland!" I climb high and set my direction for the second star to the right. "Now doing it this way isn't like porting as we've done before!" I call out. "There will just be a..." I get that tingle and then pop! We are in Neverland. "Never mind!" I laugh as the beauty of this place hits me again.
"Fuck!" Billie calls out as she pokes her head out. I can feel her overwhelming awe at this place as I slow down, letting the local birds fly a spiral around us.
"Hello lovelies." I reach out and a few pass just by me so that I can gently touch their wings. "Did you miss me?" I conjure up bits of fish and toss them into the air, watching as not a one drops more than a foot before being caught by one of these techno colored birds.
"What are they?" Billie is straining to stay in the pocket while looking around.
"No idea." I shrug. "Not a lot of things have names in Neverland." One of the massive birds flies under us. "Though that one I call Bess." I glide lower so I can rub her back. "Hello you great big beauty!" I smile as I hear her almost pure once I get the spot just behind her head. "Who's a pretty bird?" She lets out a harmonic caw that vibrates the entirety of me and Billie. "Yes you."
"You're a dork." Billie snorts. "A huge, fucking dork."
"Yes, yes I am." I smile a little and fly away from Bess, who follows me. "That's Thieves Hold." I point towards the dock being suspended by the clouds. "It's where the Pirates dock and send their goods to other realms, or other ships send goods back. Most pirates in all the realms are actually Neverlanders." I head out over the main island. "Captain Hook usually keeps close but I as I can't see him here, he's maybe gone out by the mermaid islands. They have trade with them sometimes."
Billie keeps quite and just stares out in wonder at it all as I alternate from flying high, and flying in the breaks in the canopy, or a river or two. Feeling this place through her is just as enthralling as it was when I first came here.
"There it is!" I point out as some clouds break. "The Jolly Rodger!" I call out and see a few deck hands already waving at me. " Yo-Ho, me hearties!" They all call up at me with a mixture of laughs and groans. "Permission to land Captain!" I call out to Hook as I see him standing by the wheel, Pearl at his side. She's got her head in her hand and is just shaking it at my ridiculousness."
"Permission granted you giant fool!" He half laughs and come in right next to him. "Ever the showman, aren't you!?" He has his hands on his hips as I disembark from my brook, kicking it up and having it land in my pocket.
"You're one to talk, is that a new feather in you hat?" I point up at it and he gives me a fuck you look.
"It might be." We jsut kind of glare at each other for a moment before we each break into laughs. "Come here you bastard!" And we clash together in one big hug. "How are you!?"
"I am..."
"Can't. Breath." Billie gets out. "Squishing. Me." We dash back apart.
"Fuck, sorry Billie." I gently take her out as she is gasping. "Yeah, Hook you got a grow mushroom on hand for our new friend?"
"Yes, but I am running low." He picks one out of his pocket and flips it like a coin to me. "Maybe you can go on the run this time and see your mothers for the first time."
"Yeah, yeah." I mutter and hand the mushroom to Billie. "Just munch on it and..." She does and grows right then and there. In a pop I've got my hand cupping her face and she's just swallowing. "jump." I finsih.
"Oh." We just stand there for a moment right up until Pearl clears her throat. "Yeah." She turns to Pearl and out of my hand, which I kind of rub with my thumb just as she yells..."HE JUMPED OUT OF BIG BEN!"
"UNCLE!" She yanks me down by my coat and grasps my beard.
"OW!" She grips harder. "HEY!"
"What did I tell you!? She could have been hurt!" I can see Hook trying not to laugh off to the side.
"She was perfectly safe!" It's a bit hard to talk when you're caught like this. "You are overly cautious!"
"UNCLE!" She yanks and I yowl a bit in pain. "Apologize!" She points at Billie who is just starring wide eyed at all of this.
"I'm sorry!" I look to her. "Wont do it again!" Pearl lets go and I rub my chin.
"You better not, not without her permission." She copies her father's hands on the waist stance. "Now, the rules!"
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Winston and Billie's first date pizza place to bar playing pool. Have a great night talking about each other's pasts and the night comes to a head with Billie suggesting they play one final game with the looser bottoming for the other. Neither know whether they want to win or loose. No magic. Winston actually wins and how Billie reacts is a huge turn on. Winston then pays the bar tab and they rush to Billie's apartment on her bike. A damn great night occurs and when Winston wakes up the next day he instantly kisses Billie's back and makes her smile.

Has to go back within 54 hours or the doorway can compensate for the time difference. Up until then he can return and only the same amount of time has passed there. And he can't return from the university for a month so that the pathway can stabilize again.

This is unique to Earth. When a person travels to Earth, they connect the realm they left to it, allowing earth to sync for a time with it. But only for a limited time. You'd think that with the traffic back and forth to Earth this would happen often, but it actually doesn't. Only certain doorways can do it. The one Winston uses is one. Most realms have at least one that can, and they are usually regulated. They also can't connect if one is already connected. Like a Stargate.

The amount of time that each realm can hold earth to their time stream is relative to them. The University is one of the longest ones; most can only hold it for a few hours, a day at most.

The university is 27 times faster than earth. The pathway between it and earth can only compensate for roughly twice that. Most realms are roughly 25 to 28 x faster than earth. Neverland is its own time stream. It is always 95x faster no matter the realm you come from. Gone for an hour, days have passed. You have to return the day you left or Neverland may decide to keep you.

Billie so totally likes records over anything, that's not an 80s thing, that's a 'they sound better!' New York thing. So on their date, when they get back to her place, she puts on an old Siouxsie and the Banshees album. Her place is covered in vintage posters, vintage records, they are all things she actually bought new. She even has a signed Joan Jett album and a Polaroid with her, and several others musicians, in a book she shows him.

The Murder House is on its own unique time stream, it links to any realm you want and syncs with it with no time limit. It can also link two realms and sync them for short periods of time. Usually a max of 48 hours with a pair of weeks cool down. If Winston funnels, with permission, New York's energy into her he can keep that connection going for a week or more. It's not advisable to do more than once in a six to eight month period, but it can be done.
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"It fucking sucks we had such a fucked up meeting." Our mutual memories flare. "I was so sure of myself then, so sure I was doing the right thing. How fucking stupid I was." Before I can even counter she winces. "Fuck, loud much? I can hear you just fine." I laugh a little and feel her smile. "I know it wasn't my choice, but I still feel like shit."
"Welcome to my world." She laughs a little.
"We really are twins." She sighs. "Alright, let's go to your girls." She shrugs away from me and stands up. "Don't look at my ass." She looks down at me.
"I am not." I stand up next to her and flatter out my shirt. "But it is a nice ass if I were to look at it." I smile at her and she nudges me a little.
"76 enemy combatants dead, with 2 captured alive. Mostly." Willow looks at me and I shrug. "We lost 46 of our own, and have another 23 in wounded. I expect to loose at least 6 or 7 of those in the next few days." The whole room seems to collectively get pulled down a bit at that. "Far less than what we were expecting, though."
"Yes." Marion nods as she leans on the giant mirror topped table in the center of all us. "Now, these are all the realms still free." a massive map appears on the mirror, showcasing dozens upon dozens of realms. Only about 10% are glowing blue. "And these are taken over." She swipes a finger across the glass and the other 90% glow red. "We...we are the razors edge of loosing." I look at the map, seeing a majority of the free realms are Fae and Faery tale. In fact nearly none of those realms have fallen, leaving only a scant handful of non Fae like realms still free.
"We've lost, Marion." A gruff looking man who looks like a post apocalyptic version of Santa Clause barks from his seat at the head of the table. He's the United Realms Council Leader, and fuck do I have no idea what he is. He's not human; I know that, humans don't have two sets of eyes. "We might as well negotiate."
"Negotiate for what? Better treatment as their slaves?" Marion glares. "No, Council Leader, negotiating will do nothing for us."
"We have not even tried." He adjusts himself and I hear the clinging of coins. "It warrants an attempt at least. We need to keep all options open." He looks to me. "What do you think, Red Rumple?"
I look at him with confusion. "Emma is the only one who's called me that." He steady stares at me and I get no instinct off of him, at all. It's creepy. "But I agree with Marion. As much as I loath to say that." I sigh. "The Briarwoods are absolute fucking monsters and they won't stop until they've taken us down. They didn't stop last time until they had no choice, and to be honest you all should have executed them all then." Everyone just kind of looks at me, shocked. The girls most of all. "Yeah, I know. I'm the one who has advocated for less drastic means this whole campaign, but let's face it. They won't ever stop. Once we beat them back all they will do is wait, build their armies back up, and try again. They are like a fucking cancer and we've been stopping just shy of removing their tumor." Most people just kind of look at each other confused. "Right, cancer isn't a Uhhh... they're are a weed we keep cutting the stalks off of but not the root."
"So what do you suggest then?" He crosses his arms and stares me down.
"Cut the head off." I shrug. "An elite team of magicians hit the main compound and kill their leadership. After that? The realms will rise up on their own in the chaos." I look to Marion. "Do you know where Godfrey and the rest of his family are?"
"Yes." She shakes her head. "They're on earth, Winston. We can't touch them. There are rules. Divinely enforced rules. The only reason The Briarwoods get away with it is that they act upon the realms and not earth."
"Fuck the rules. They are using them as a shield, hiding behind a wall they know we can't get passed. Well I'm from earth, I was raised there." I stare down on its point in the map. "That makes it my domain, and I say that they can get the fuck out."
"Me too." Sarah walks up beside me. "I'm human; Earth is where I was born. It's my home realm. I wont let them destroy all that I love while hiding from the consequences. If the gods don't like it, they can fuck off." She looks up. "You hear me! You can fuck off!"
"They're not....up there." I place a hand on her shoulder. "The Divine inhabit a realm."
"You know what I was doing, shut up." She shoots me a dirty look and raise my hands. "So? Anyone else going to join us?"
"I can't let you guys go without a healer." Valerie steps up next to Sarah.
"And where my twin goes, I go." Emma steps up next to me.
"I guess we have our elite team then." Marion nods. "Any objections?" She looks around the room at council members and realm leaders. No one says a word. "Then that's settles it, you four are going to be our saviors." I watch her jaw clench and feel her worry. She may be cold as fuck, but she really does love Valerie.
"Huzzah." Emma sighs and we all laugh.
"I've made improvements to this based on how I saw you fight with it." Sarah hands over a new version of her magicians riffle to Emma. "You moved fast with it, so I've improved the grips, added a scope in case you need to, and added in a few crystals you can preload a spell." It looks more threatening now with its brass fittings and glowing crystals. Emma holds it in her hands and the waves of emotion that she's riding through are insane.
"Tha...thank you." She holds it to her chest and sniffles.
"You..." Sarah stops and just hugs Emma. "You're welcome." She pulls back smiling and Emma just nods. "Now for you." She walks over to me and takes off the bracer she gave me before the last battle. "I noticed you didn't really use the riffle as much, and did far better casting. So..." She slaps a new bracer on my arm that looks far improved to the last. New sigils, a few crystals, thicker leather. I can feel the intense buzz of power coming from it.
"Holy shit." I look at it as she snaps another on my other arm. "I...thank you babe." I lean down a bit and give her a kiss. "You better have made cool toys for you and Vivian as well."
"I did." She smiles. "I've got our girl protected to the best of my ability so she can keep us all safe."
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This is the other major death in critical role that I thankfully watched weeks after it happened so I was able to watch both episodes back to back.

And this is their homebrew death rules that were implemented between this death and the one you watched with me.
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