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Winston and Billie's first date pizza place to bar playing pool. Have a great night talking about each other's pasts and the night comes to a head with Billie suggesting they play one final game with the looser bottoming for the other. Neither know whether they want to win or loose. No magic. Winston actually wins and how Billie reacts is a huge turn on. Winston then pays the bar tab and they rush to Billie's apartment on her bike. A damn great night occurs and when Winston wakes up the next day he instantly kisses Billie's back and makes her smile.

Has to go back within 54 hours or the doorway can compensate for the time difference. Up until then he can return and only the same amount of time has passed there. And he can't return from the university for a month so that the pathway can stabilize again.

This is unique to Earth. When a person travels to Earth, they connect the realm they left to it, allowing earth to sync for a time with it. But only for a limited time. You'd think that with the traffic back and forth to Earth this would happen often, but it actually doesn't. Only certain doorways can do it. The one Winston uses is one. Most realms have at least one that can, and they are usually regulated. They also can't connect if one is already connected. Like a Stargate.

The amount of time that each realm can hold earth to their time stream is relative to them. The University is one of the longest ones; most can only hold it for a few hours, a day at most.

The university is 27 times faster than earth. The pathway between it and earth can only compensate for roughly twice that. Most realms are roughly 25 to 28 x faster than earth. Neverland is its own time stream. It is always 95x faster no matter the realm you come from. Gone for an hour, days have passed. You have to return the day you left or Neverland may decide to keep you.

Billie so totally likes records over anything, that's not an 80s thing, that's a 'they sound better!' New York thing. So on their date, when they get back to her place, she puts on an old Siouxsie and the Banshees album. Her place is covered in vintage posters, vintage records, they are all things she actually bought new. She even has a signed Joan Jett album and a Polaroid with her, and several others musicians, in a book she shows him.

The Murder House is on its own unique time stream, it links to any realm you want and syncs with it with no time limit. It can also link two realms and sync them for short periods of time. Usually a max of 48 hours with a pair of weeks cool down. If Winston funnels, with permission, New York's energy into her he can keep that connection going for a week or more. It's not advisable to do more than once in a six to eight month period, but it can be done.


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